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N-Methyl Pyrrolidone

N-Methyl Pyrrolidone
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone
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Product Code : 226
Product Description


  CAS NO. 872-50-4

  NATURE-: NATURE It is a clear colourless liquid ( Turns yellow on exposure to heat.)



Empirical Formula C5H9NO

Molecular Wt. 99.13

Specific Gravity 1.028 @ 25oC

Refractive Index 1.47

Boiling Point  202oC @ 760 mm Hg

Colour (APHA) Max 50

Solubility in Water Miscible

Flash Point  93 oC

Autoignition Temperature 270oC

Flammability Limits  L.E.L : 1.3 vol %

U.E.L. : 9.5 vol %

Melting Point -24 oC

Stability  Stable under ordinary conditions

pH 7.5 - 8.0


APPLICATIONS: Used as a solvent in pharmaceutical synthesis because of its broad solvency. 

  OIL REFINING: Solvent for selective extraction of aromatic compound mixers and co-solvent for water resolution. Decoloring agent for oils & waxes. Extraction solvent in lube oil processing and in Natural and Synthetic Gas purification. 

  OTHERS: Solvent for paint stripping and resins. Metal finishing and  PCB manufacturing. Pigment dispersant and disperser for paints and varnishes. 

  HEALTH & SAFETY: NMP is irritating to skin, eyes. In case of contact, affected  area should be washed with plenty of water. If sticky, use waterless cleaner.Inhalation should be avoided. If overcome by exposure, victim should be moved to fresh air. Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. Obtain emergency medical attention. Prompt action is essential.  


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